Properly functioning tires are essential for safely driving any kind of automobile. Tires that fail to perform at an expected level may be deemed defective, particularly if they malfunction to a point that puts users at risk. Tire defects are a frightening possibility for even the most experienced of drivers. Several manufacturers have been mentioned in recent news stories for questionable practices that have led to disasters on the road, after highly publicized recalls. Tire defects can be attributed to a variety of causes including issues with manufacturing and design.

Defective tires can make it into the hands of consumers regardless of testing and procedures put in place to ensure tire safety. Many speculate that millions of recalled tires are still being used which poses a threat to drivers everywhere.Defects in tires can lead to various hazards including tire tread separation, blowouts, loss of air pressure, belt separations, and other occurrences. They can also increase a vehicle’s chance of rolling over in an accident or after certain movements while driving. The increase of risk is even higher for SUVs. Accidents related to defective tires can be among the most catastrophic because they warrant a complete loss of driving or vehicle control.

Those injured as a result of an accident caused by defective tires can file a claim against manufacturers and others involved in the development or design of the tires that led to one’s accident. Tire defect related claims fall under the product liability category of personal injury law. These matters can be some of the most complicated of all personal injury claims due to the steps required in proving liability. People whose loved ones have been killed as a result of a tire defect may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the victim. A qualified personal injury attorney can help one decide on the best course of action to take for their case.

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