Car seatbelts are meant to help save lives in the event of an auto accident or issue on the road. However, when seat belts are defective, they can pose a great danger to accident victims and cause life-threatening injuries, or even make existing ones worse. Accidents caused by defective seat belt systems may warrant compensation under the law for damages sustained by accident victims from those involved in the manufacturing or design of the vehicle component.

Types of Seat Belt Defects

Seatbelt defects include those in the restraint systems, devices created to relieve shoulder tension, adjustment mechanisms, or other design or construction features. In certain older model vehicles, seatbelt systems do not include restraints for the upper torso area, which have led to severe injuries of the head, spine, abdomen, and other areas of the body. With some tension relieving components, if there is a retracting malfunction, which prevents proper restraint, occupants are put at risk for severe injury during an accident. Strangulation, damage the rib cage or organs, and pulling or force to the neck are some examples of injuries that may be sustained in these instances.Despite the aforementioned risks associated with defective seatbelts, properly working seatbelts have proven to have life saving capabilities, and should therefore always be worn for safety as well as legal purposes while driving or being transported in an automobile.

On Contacting and Attorney

For individuals injured in a car accident, the decision to seek legal counsel may be the most important one made regarding getting their lives back on track. If one has sustained injuries worsened by defects of a seatbelt system, the process for proving the responsibility of manufacturers or others can be extremely complex. The skill and expertise of a qualified, experienced product liability attorney would be valuable in ensuring that one receives the compensation they are entitled to under the law.

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