Birth injuries, or complications during delivery or labor, have been stated to occur in one out of every several hundred births that involve forceps use, C-section, or vacuum extraction. Other practices or actions may also contribute to this kind of trauma and leave a child with permanent life altering conditions such as brain damage, cerebral palsy, and other issues. Complications such as fractures and paralysis may also occur temporarily as a result. Cerebral palsy is a common kind of birth injury that is normally linked to deprivation of oxygen during delivery. This might occur if the umbilical cord becomes twisted due to the baby’s size or position. Cerebral palsy and other birth defects can often be traced to medical mistakes of physicians or hospital care takers. Mistakes such as these may be made pre-delivery or during.Common issues that constitute this kind of negligence or malpractice include improper response to complications during pregnancy or distress of the fetus, forceful delivery, and other actions. The tragic consequences of birth injury can heavily burden families psychologically, emotionally, and financially, as well as leave the injured child with lifelong physical ailments.

Those whose birth injuries resulted from medical malpractice or negligence are entitled to be legally compensated for the damages and distress this occurrence may place on them. In the event that one decides to pursue a birth injury related personal injury claim, it is necessary to be able to establish responsibility of medical care providers for what one has endured. This often requires expert witness testimony, documented evidence of injury, and documentation of related damages. An effective personal injury attorney may be essential for ensuring that one receives all of the compensation they are entitled to for medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional suffering, and other damages ensued.

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